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30 June 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Staff Meeting, 6/30  
Under the cut is the transcript from June 30's staff meeting. =)

taintedVirtuoso: *bangs gavel* Court--I mean--the staff meeting has officially begun.
ElysaMNFF: Thank you =D
taintedVirtuoso: *bows*
saulito92: Court!?! You guys found out about the.... *shudders* DANG IT!
taintedVirtuoso: Counsel, ready yourselves.
NathDiLabio: ready
ruscarlet21: -is prepared to be stoned-
ElysaMNFF: So first off, I'd like to say WELCOME
saulito92: Eh me too xD
almostlostitinMT: *braces self*
ElysaMNFF: LOL, no stoning here, only on MuggleNet
samdp05: thanks
taintedVirtuoso: No stoning is expected...
taintedVirtuoso: Yes, only on MNFF.
saulito92: haha
ruscarlet21: sounds good
taintedVirtuoso: Where it's usually entertainment and not... actual stoning...
taintedVirtuoso: Anyway. *gives the floor to Elysa*
ElysaMNFF: This is your first of what I hope will be many staff meetings-- a number of which Andrew and Matt are expected to attend -__-
NathDiLabio: hahah typical boys always late ahah
saulito92: I'm here though. =S
saulito92: I'm a guy... wait....
saulito92: yup, I am
NathDiLabio: sorry saul
NathDiLabio: my bad
saulito92: xD lol, j/k no hard feelings
ElysaMNFF: At any rate, I've got an agenda with 6 items here, the first of which is:
ElysaMNFF: 1. "From the Desk of Twilight"
ElysaMNFF: (And, correction: 5 items)
ElysaMNFF: The "From the Desk of Twilight" forum is...
ElysaMNFF: Dead.
almostlostitinMT: Just a little bit
saulito92: was it ever living?
ElysaMNFF: It hasn't proven useful, primarily because all the movie news is posted on the main site, so it's a bit pointless
ruscarlet21: yeah, makes sense.
NathDiLabio: good point
almostlostitinMT: And everyone discusses it in General Discussion
saulito92: Well, I think it could make for good discussion on the forum, actually. Someone just needs to take to the time to relay it over to the forums. It could be a flop though =S
ElysaMNFF: My OCD, however, tells me that if I delete it there'll be only two forums in that section and that may cause my little brain to implode
taintedVirtuoso: Haha.
samdp05: haha, we don't want that
NathDiLabio: yes and it's my section so ... i don't know haha
taintedVirtuoso: we can always think of something else.
ElysaMNFF: *nods* Right. So, let's... think of something else
ElysaMNFF: Because otherwise, I'll angst every time I see it
saulito92: lol
almostlostitinMT: What about expectations for the other movies
NathDiLabio: yes and i be sad with the two little section
ElysaMNFF: lol
ElysaMNFF: Hmm
ruscarlet21: What else is there exactly to discuss at this point though?
ruscarlet21: Stretching conversation about the film too thin isn't good either
taintedVirtuoso: Agreed
samdp05: what about..... like... a place for people to post their own twilight youtube movies... or something
saulito92: YouTube vids can get spammy >.x;
taintedVirtuoso: Well, no, not necessarily...
almostlostitinMT: You tube seems more like a La Push category
taintedVirtuoso: It can be something like Jacob's Garage
NathDiLabio: ya it's could be funny
samdp05: True
saulito92: well, they could get spammy or be really good. =S But yeah, La Push or something is best...
ElysaMNFF: Hm
ElysaMNFF: We don't need to decide now. I just thought I'd bring it up because it's currently dead weight
ElysaMNFF: If need be, I will just delete it
NathDiLabio: ya for sure
taintedVirtuoso: All right.
ElysaMNFF: But over the next couple days let's try and brainstorm ideas, because OCD aside, it would throw the forums off-balance a bit and knowing Andrew as I do, he'll be grumpy about that as well
samdp05: haha, well we don't want that either
ElysaMNFF: We could extract a popular subject from the General Discussion one and turn it into its own forum. It'd have to be uber popular to stand on its own though
ElysaMNFF: *Shrug* We'll see how it goes
taintedVirtuoso: *nod*
ElysaMNFF: Right, item #2:
NathDiLabio: brb
ElysaMNFF: New Mods. I know, I know, you lot aren't even finished your probationary period yet, but with some of the new rules we just posted today...
ElysaMNFF: I.e., "thoughtful posts"
ElysaMNFF: One, maybe two, additionals could be helpful.
taintedVirtuoso: Hmm.
ElysaMNFF: And not now, necessarily, but probably within a few weeks. Maybe once your probationary period is over?
ruscarlet21: hm?
ElysaMNFF: Or do we have enough as it is? Because I wouldn't know as well as you guys
NathDiLabio: confused
saulito92: Eh, I'm not one of your upper staffers but I think some so soon is kinda... I dunno toomuch ^^;; One maybe two at the most - your forum though >.<;;
samdp05: I don't know, I mean I find I really dont have that much to do most of the time
ElysaMNFF: *grins* Okay, that's good... because I've got an idea that may change that
almostlostitinMT: Yeah, the posters behave for the most part. No one's made it too difficult yet
ElysaMNFF: So, no additional mods for now
taintedVirtuoso: ...what idea?
ElysaMNFF: Item #3: TQs
ruscarlet21: TQs?
ElysaMNFF: TQ = Topic Question
ElysaMNFF: I feel that, as moderators, it may be prudent for us to take on a little responsibility insofar as ensuring that the forums have quality discussions going on
ElysaMNFF: Not just "who's your favorite character and why?"
NathDiLabio: i agree like the genius and twilight thread , or the vampire hell thread kind of thing ?
NathDiLabio: genessis ***
taintedVirtuoso: Will we be assigning specific modlies to specific forums in that regard?
ruscarlet21: Can you explain a little more?
ElysaMNFF: 'Course. For instance...
ruscarlet21: Are we creating these questions or are we making sure others create good threads?
taintedVirtuoso: Kind of like... discussion facilitators
ElysaMNFF: Creating them ourselves
ElysaMNFF: Right
ElysaMNFF: And yeah, we'd assign modlies to forums to make sure they're all covered
taintedVirtuoso: Great, okay.
almostlostitinMT: That sounds fine
samdp05: Sounds good
saulito92: But not limiting it to ourselves, right? O.o;; Like, if a members DOES post something good...
saulito92: we just let it be...?
taintedVirtuoso: Of course
saulito92: k
ElysaMNFF: And maybe... once a month, more if you like, you open a thread with one killer of a question
taintedVirtuoso: In that case, you'd just have to make sure that the thread's organized, etc, like you've been doing so far anyway.
NathDiLabio: cool i'm all for more indeept discussion haha
taintedVirtuoso: *nod*
ElysaMNFF: Something to do with symbolism or...
taintedVirtuoso: *nod*
ruscarlet21: okayy
NathDiLabio: or a debate of the week
taintedVirtuoso: Maybe ethical or philosophical questions, too: are vampires alive, in every sense of the word, or no? &c&c
almostlostitinMT: My only concern is keeping those going. Some posters don't appear to be too interested in topics like that.
ElysaMNFF: How has Jasper's past shaped the series? Is he a central figure or a plot piece used to move the storyline along? What, if any, symbolism can be found in his character? Does the fact that he continues to struggle with his bloodlust speak better, or worse, of him? Does he represent "redemption"?
almostlostitinMT: It seems those threads are the first to die.
Send Message Failed. Message is too long.
NathDiLabio: ya for sure
almostlostitinMT: But I'd love to have more converstation like that
ElysaMNFF: How has Jasper's past shaped the series? Is he a central figure or a plot piece used to move the storyline along? What, if any, symbolism can be found in his character?
ElysaMNFF: Does the fact that he continues to struggle with his bloodlust speak better, or worse, of him? Does he represent "redemption"?
taintedVirtuoso: Mhm. Fair point.
saulito92: too much discussion for some of those other members ^^;
ElysaMNFF: ^ That'd be an example of a character study question
taintedVirtuoso: Good one.
ElysaMNFF: And Lei's was great too
taintedVirtuoso: We're still growing astronomically, though. Especially after the podcast.
taintedVirtuoso: If these discussion threads work fine for the Lexicon's forums, for instance, they can certainly work for us.
samdp05: Thats true, I am sure the new members will bring in some new conversation
ruscarlet21: I noticed
ElysaMNFF: I was thinking about that, too
ruscarlet21: As I pointed out in the GD thread, I've noticed the caliber of discussion within Imprint is incredible
ElysaMNFF: On MNFF, we have what we call a "points system" which mimic's Hogwarts'
NathDiLabio: ye since the lexicon does have a balance between indeep discussion and fun
ElysaMNFF: Like how Gryffindor will win or lose points depending on whether someone in that House does something good/bad
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah, we could probably bring that into the forums, too...
samdp05: Ohh I like it
ElysaMNFF: So what about implementing some sort of reward system like that?
saulito92: Yeah that sounds good
ElysaMNFF: And as I said, you'd only have to do this once a month...
NathDiLabio: reward systeme according to what ... like what are the creteria
ElysaMNFF: And you'd keep track of the discussion
ElysaMNFF: And at the end of the month
taintedVirtuoso: A good in-depth post, for instance.
ElysaMNFF: User with the most "points" wins a custom banner or something?
taintedVirtuoso: That would get around five or ten points in MNFF.
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah
ElysaMNFF: So there's motive to do. And once-a-month would still allow plenty of fun stuff
almostlostitinMT: Or a special rank, even
taintedVirtuoso: Or you could congratulate them on the podcast, haha.
taintedVirtuoso: There's something huge.
NathDiLabio: special rank would be a huge incentive
ElysaMNFF: Oh good one!
ElysaMNFF: Special rank... and podcast mention
samdp05: That would really motivate people
almostlostitinMT: Ranks seem to be popular amongst the posters
ElysaMNFF: *nods*
taintedVirtuoso: ...speaking of ranks, I need to get on those, don't I?
ElysaMNFF: Good idea Lei
ruscarlet21: yeah, those little social climbers
ruscarlet21: haha
ElysaMNFF: What if...
ElysaMNFF: They got a special rank
ElysaMNFF: And the winners were...
saulito92: Oh!
saulito92: and with the special rank comes a special chat forum...?
taintedVirtuoso: Hmm
taintedVirtuoso: Elaborate.
saulito92: to just talk about anything, kind of loose back maybe - not strictly Twilight discussion
almostlostitinMT: Winners could have their own color too, so they stand out.
ElysaMNFF: Well, there'd be like... what, 7-8 winners per month? We'd pick one of them and read one of their posts on air. It'd be cool for podcast discussion too
saulito92: So like, you got to that special rank and a secret forum was opened to you
NathDiLabio: ummm what about my chapter chapter forum discussion ? do those count or is that acompletly different subject ?
saulito92: And the more people who get the rank, the more people who have said forum to be open
ElysaMNFF: Those definitely count, you can make that your version of this
taintedVirtuoso: Hrmm
saulito92: to themselves.... meh I'm doing terrible explaining this....
taintedVirtuoso: No, no, I get it. =P
ElysaMNFF: No, I see what you're saying and it's a good idea
NathDiLabio: ok but for chapter by chpater it be quicker every week i think instead of every month
ElysaMNFF: It would certainly motive people
ElysaMNFF: But I'd be worried it'd be a lot of work
ruscarlet21: I feel like it sounds exciting, but it has the potential to be kinda boring too, we'd have to make sure theres a reason that forum is so cool to be in
ruscarlet21: it's like a special club haha
ElysaMNFF: When a simple rank and possible podcast mention would do just as well
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah.
taintedVirtuoso: I do like the different colour, Rachael.
taintedVirtuoso: *different colour idea
ElysaMNFF: Me too
samdp05: yeah... it also could get to be a kind of grey area in moderating it
NathDiLabio: true it could subjective
almostlostitinMT: The rank is nice in simple. No need to make it too complicated
taintedVirtuoso: Maybe we can keep it at a special rank, a mention on the podcast, and a colour?
ElysaMNFF: Special rank for a month, plus different color, plus they'll go into a pool for a podcast mention
taintedVirtuoso: That's more than enough.
ElysaMNFF: lol Lei
ElysaMNFF: Great minds...
NathDiLabio: ya for sure since alot of the new forum memeber are in response to the podcast
taintedVirtuoso: Haha. We're doing it again...
taintedVirtuoso: Anyway, yes.
ruscarlet21: this could also be really hard to coordinate but I"ll throw the idea out there for one point, or maybe a singular contest at one point, where a bunch of winners get into a chat with the hosts of Imprint?
saulito92: Sounds good.
ElysaMNFF: Good point Nat
taintedVirtuoso: Hrmm...
ruscarlet21: The thing about the mention, does that mean IN the imprint forum I'd assume good posts/questions might be read as you'd have mugglemail/listener rebuttals on MC
ElysaMNFF: Ooh, like an AIM chat?
ruscarlet21: yeah
NathDiLabio: ya that would be a huge contest haha
saulito92: Yeah, if you were too do that, I'd save it for a contets that the forum ran
ruscarlet21: so wouldn't a good poster get mentioned anyway? (assuming you're going to use posts from the Imprint forum anyway)
taintedVirtuoso: Okay...
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah, good point.
ruscarlet21: (I'm just throwing this out there, not necessarly related to these points of anything, but maybe a contest at one point in time)
ElysaMNFF: That's true, it's possible
NathDiLabio: sry to get back to my chapter on chatper kick question showed i hold it off until BD and just do chapter by chapter of BD or for all th e books?
taintedVirtuoso: I was thinking, in accordance with that, a separate forum for in-depth discussion, but that might be redundant.
ElysaMNFF: But we'll read... maybe 5 rebuttals tops. And this person would sort of get their own segment, like "And this month's Forum winner is _____. Listen to this awesome analysis of ____ they gave!" And I'd read it and all the Imprinters would comment
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ElysaMNFF: But we'll read... maybe 5 rebuttals tops. And this person would sort of get their own segment, like "And this month's Forum winner is _____. Listen to this awesome analysis of ____ they gave!"
ElysaMNFF: And I'd read it and all the Imprinters would comment
taintedVirtuoso: I doubt your dicussion will even get remotely close to BD, though, if you started it now. Their fairly long books.
ruscarlet21: okay sounds good, I just wanted to make sure this user mention was different/more special than a typical post
NathDiLabio: no but should i not do the other books and wait for BD or what
ElysaMNFF: Right
ElysaMNFF: Yeah
almostlostitinMT: Elysa, I think people would die to be mentioned like that.
ElysaMNFF: I'd wait for BD, personally
ruscarlet21: we might be risking lives.
NathDiLabio: ok cool cool
taintedVirtuoso: *They're, sorry
ElysaMNFF: I think so too, Rachael, lol
ruscarlet21: they'll die of excitement.
ElysaMNFF: lol
ElysaMNFF: So that's decided then?
taintedVirtuoso: *nod*
almostlostitinMT: I think so
ElysaMNFF: And Annie, we can definitely use your AIM chat idea in the future
saulito92: Yeah, i like it
ruscarlet21: well i think we all like these ideas
NathDiLabio: ya i vote yes
ruscarlet21: but what exactly are we deciding on?
ruscarlet21: we've just throw a lot out there so I'd like to know what i'm endorsing
taintedVirtuoso: Colour, Imprint mention, and rank for awesome members.
ruscarlet21: Alright.
ruscarlet21: cool.
ElysaMNFF: I'll iron out the wrinkles
samdp05: And they get the new rank and color for 1 month, correct?
ElysaMNFF: And post the final proposal of this idea in the staff forum
ElysaMNFF: Yup
ruscarlet21: Imagine telling some 16 year old girl they get to chat with andrew and matt. heh.
ElysaMNFF: 1 month
NathDiLabio: hahah omg they would die
NathDiLabio: that if they showed up to the chat haha
ElysaMNFF: All right, moving on then...
saulito92: Particularly the Andre Fan Girls xD
taintedVirtuoso: Mm
saulito92: *Andrew... =P
ElysaMNFF: Item #4:
ElysaMNFF: Spoiler Policy
almostlostitinMT: Thank God
NathDiLabio: *gasps*
ElysaMNFF: lol
ElysaMNFF: So... what the hell are we doing about this?
ElysaMNFF: lmao
ruscarlet21: well first of all, who will be around that weekend (more specifically saturday)
ruscarlet21: to mod?
samdp05: I think all BD talk stays in the BD forum, no one can complain about being spoled that way
taintedVirtuoso: Well, while we're on it, didn't we talk briefly about shutting down the forums for that day?
NathDiLabio: ya
ruscarlet21: (PS: I've noticed a high demand for a live podcast. Just letting you know)
ElysaMNFF: I agree Sam
ElysaMNFF: Yeah, I'm pushing Andrew for a live one
NathDiLabio: i think the problem with that is unlike HP i think people will finish the book alot faster so shutting down the forum could be like to much
almostlostitinMT: With what Sam said, what will you do about Character discussions?
ruscarlet21: well I think keeping things to the BD forum is a no brainer for the first week or so
saulito92: Nah, I think the forums going down for two days at least is good. =S
samdp05: Well I mean starting now
saulito92: And then yeah, keeping it limited to BD
ruscarlet21: Er, there'll be way too many people
ruscarlet21: finishing before 2 days are up
taintedVirtuoso: It will be incredibly hard for us to mod the forums while we're all reading.
ruscarlet21: If I was't travleing, I'd be done by 6PM on saturday)
saulito92: I personally don't think I'll have it done in a day. I have summer homework and junk :x
ruscarlet21: But a lot of fans will be.
saulito92: And I'm publishing a book myself >.>;;
saulito92: Well, I was just saying because someone asked who would be able to mod that day
NathDiLabio: i personally have a long weekend that week go Canada but i can mod like all of sunday i think the board should be open sunday morning
taintedVirtuoso: Same, Nath.
samdp05: In terms of shutting the forum down, I think 24 hours is reasonable, so maybe re-open sunday morning
ElysaMNFF: I'll probably take 2 days to finish it, as I did with the last HP book. I like the savor the ending.
saulito92: Yeah
ElysaMNFF: And I will NOT be coming online at all during that time
ElysaMNFF: For fear of spoilers
taintedVirtuoso: Also, we have visitors from all over the world. Those ahead of EST will have finished it a lot earlier.
samdp05: Yeah, I don't like rushing it either
ElysaMNFF: I don't know.
ElysaMNFF: I'm torn on whether to shut them down for a day
taintedVirtuoso: For the sake of keeping the forum organized and saving our other members from getting spoiled, we could probably shut it down 24 hours... maybe?
saulito92: Is it an international release though? O.o;;
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah, I think it is.
NathDiLabio: i think a day is good two is to much
almostlostitinMT: I think it would be prudent, but I don't know how other's will react to it shutting down
samdp05: maybe just leave them open, but warn people not to go on if they don't want to be spoiled. Then once we all finish we can go in and clean up any spoilers?
NathDiLabio: what didi mugglenet do ?
taintedVirtuoso: I forget... Elysa, did we shut down the beta forums?
ruscarlet21: Can we put a page for when people go to the forums, a huge page comes up saying soething along the lines of "moderators are working hard, but you're entering at your own risk"
ruscarlet21: or something along those lines, with the spoiler policy clear there as well
ElysaMNFF: We left them open. We created an entirely new forum for spoiler-y discussion and told users that if they post anywhere but there they'll be permanently banned
ruscarlet21: so they have to encounter it before they even get to the page, perhaps on sunday?
ElysaMNFF: I think we only had to ban one person
taintedVirtuoso: Okay.
samdp05: Maybe just lock all forums except the spoiler one?
saulito92: I actually like that idea (Sam)
NathDiLabio: I think annie got it right satuday is shut down just to give us the chance to read, and then sunday have the warning
taintedVirtuoso: I like that idea.
saulito92: People won't be going to the forums that weekend to talk a bout anything other than the book
saulito92: so lock all the other forums down except for one
taintedVirtuoso: That could work, yeah.
NathDiLabio: eventually we would have to reopen them and deal with them especially for the imprinted and cullen c o part
saulito92: and no one would complain about discussing other things because like I said, they'll want to talk about the book anyway
NathDiLabio: since the character discussion will be different
ElysaMNFF: Okay...
ElysaMNFF: So if we shut down all the others, and only leave a BD one open...
ruscarlet21: Also, if we create several threads based off of characters, so we can easily move them later back to Cullen and Co
ElysaMNFF: We could have a banner at the top that warned of spoilers
ElysaMNFF: In huge red letters
NathDiLabio: good point
saulito92: yeah, banner = good
taintedVirtuoso: *nod*
samdp05: Sounds good
taintedVirtuoso: Speaking of banners
ruscarlet21: Because if people can only use BD for a few days, it'll be totally out of wack of whats supposed to be there when the spoiler policy is laxed up
taintedVirtuoso: People will be using icons and banners with BD spoilers as well
ruscarlet21: so we're going to want to shift things out.
NathDiLabio: i say it should be a week two week before they should be aloud banners and such
samdp05: Yeah I think two weeks for banners
ElysaMNFF: Like hell they will
ElysaMNFF: I will KEEL
saulito92: And images are hard to mod =S
NathDiLabio: or off with there heads hahha
saulito92: lol
taintedVirtuoso: I think we banned such graphics for a month after Deathly Hallows...
ruscarlet21: Tar and feathers.
taintedVirtuoso: That's probably too long, though.
ElysaMNFF: Maybe...
saulito92: Maybe just a week. If we add that banner, then visitors know that they'll run into spoilers and if they find them in sigs and such then it's their own fault
ruscarlet21: In Bitten I'd require a HXC warning on threads with BD spoiler graphics
ruscarlet21: just throwing that out there
ElysaMNFF: Andrew Sims is about to come in
saulito92: lol
samdp05: Do we have the ability to go in and edit peoples signatures?
taintedVirtuoso: woot!
ruscarlet21: haha nice
NathDiLabio: haha
taintedVirtuoso: I can check that right now, Sam.
asimz89 has been invited.
asimz89 has entered the room.
almostlostitinMT: I don't think we can, Sam.
taintedVirtuoso: Hey Andrew
ElysaMNFF: Welcome Andrew
asimz89: hiii everyone
saulito92: hiya xD
almostlostitinMT: Salve!
ruscarlet21: hello
NathDiLabio: hey
saulito92: Finally, not the only guy
ruscarlet21: latin? fo'serious?
samdp05: hey!
asimz89: hahaha
almostlostitinMT: Yes, Latin
ruscarlet21: shudder. That was 3 very long years.
ElysaMNFF: Go on and introduce yourself
ElysaMNFF: So you aren't just screen names
ruscarlet21: Yes mom.
asimz89: lol
ruscarlet21: I'm Annie
saulito92: xD!!
almostlostitinMT: Rachael, otherwise known as notherdirtybird
saulito92: I'm Saul
NathDiLabio: I'm Nathalie
saulito92: and the only other guy here
samdp05: I am, well, Sam (short for Samantha)
taintedVirtuoso: Lei. And you owe me ice cream, if I recall correctly.
asimz89: awesome awesome. we get a lot of e-mails from nathalie cause she's always sending in the news... thanks for that
asimz89: you guys are all doing an awesome job with the forums. they look really great and are fricken THRIVING
NathDiLabio: your welcome
ruscarlet21: awesome, with the plugs on Imprint we got over 150 new members already
ElysaMNFF: Yeah, we were just talking about a spoiler policy Andrew
ElysaMNFF: For how we're going to handle the release of BD
saulito92: Yeah, good job on the first ep of the podcast
saulito92: and yeah, back onto spoiler policy... >.x;;
asimz89: woo thanks!
asimz89: wow that's great about the member boost
ruscarlet21: yupp
asimz89: what are you guys thinking? we gotta figure out what to do with imprint too
ruscarlet21: What do you mean?
ElysaMNFF: Yeah...
ElysaMNFF: We're not completely sure yet
ElysaMNFF: What the shit ARE we doing with Imprint? lol
saulito92: We proposed shutting down the forums for a day, or closing all forums except BD for a day or two.... I think...? =S
asimz89: hmmm
asimz89: i know with potter we've always just closed the whole thing down, if that helps at all
ElysaMNFF: *nods*
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah
almostlostitinMT: I think that's the easiest.
ruscarlet21: I think thats the plan, its a matter of how long.
almostlostitinMT: Plus, then we can use those mock-spoilers, which would still be hilarious
ruscarlet21: epic messages.
taintedVirtuoso: (Sam, I don't think any of us can edit signatures. doesn't look like that, anyway. >.< )
givrhellpeeves has been invited.
saulito92: Admins can't edit sigs? O.o;
samdp05: cool, thanks for checking
saulito92: I know us mods can't, but you guys can't?
givrhellpeeves has entered the room.
ElysaMNFF: And because he asked oh-so-nicely...
taintedVirtuoso: Gah, I don't know
taintedVirtuoso: Hi Matt
ElysaMNFF: I've invited Matt
givrhellpeeves: Hi Lei
taintedVirtuoso: I'll look again
saulito92: OMG! Another guy!
ruscarlet21: Can you turn off signatures/images all together? I know on some forums they have it so the code just shows up as a link
taintedVirtuoso: lol!
ruscarlet21: Hey Matt!
NathDiLabio: hey
taintedVirtuoso: Hmm. That's a good idea. I'll look into it.
almostlostitinMT: Hola, Matt
givrhellpeeves: HEY EVERYONE
ElysaMNFF: Okay...
givrhellpeeves: so what are we doing?
ElysaMNFF: What about
ElysaMNFF: lol sorry, we're discussing a spoiler policy Matt
taintedVirtuoso: Discussing spoiler policies for the forums
taintedVirtuoso: ...Elysa.
ElysaMNFF: What if we shut down the forums for one day
givrhellpeeves: that could work
ElysaMNFF: And the second day...
saulito92: ... add that big spoiler banner?
taintedVirtuoso: Good news, everyone: we can turn off signatures and avatars.
ruscarlet21: awesome
taintedVirtuoso: So, we could probably do that for... how long...?
givrhellpeeves: And the third day...
ruscarlet21: god created animals?
saulito92: lol xD
taintedVirtuoso: *snort*
samdp05: I was waiting for that
ruscarlet21: I resisted at the second day, couldn't do it again.
taintedVirtuoso: Hahaha.
ElysaMNFF: Okay. My proposal: Shut down the forums for 1 day, on the second open them back up with a huge spoiler-alert banner, and turn off avatars and signatures for 3 days...
ElysaMNFF: And for the first two weeks
ElysaMNFF: Restrict spoilers to a BD forum
ElysaMNFF: ?
asimz89: sounds great to me
taintedVirtuoso: Sounds good.
saulito92: I like it
almostlostitinMT: I like it
ruscarlet21: sounds good, it at least sends a message to everyone telling them to be quiet about it all.
ElysaMNFF: Feel free to pick that apart
ruscarlet21: What are we going to do to those who post spoilers?
ElysaMNFF: Kill them.
ruscarlet21: well yeah.
taintedVirtuoso: lol
ElysaMNFF: lol
NathDiLabio: so does that mean in the BD forums we will allow new character discussion to start ?
samdp05: lol
saulito92: xD
taintedVirtuoso: Threaten them with permanent ban.
ElysaMNFF: No, temporary ban
ElysaMNFF: Instantly
ElysaMNFF: No warning
taintedVirtuoso: ...awww
ruscarlet21: okay
ruscarlet21: 24 hours? 3 days? ...?
samdp05: a week I say
ElysaMNFF: Yeah Nat, new character discussion would be okay in BD at that poit
ElysaMNFF: point*
taintedVirtuoso: Until the signatures and avatars work again?
almostlostitinMT: A week is just long enough for them to feel it.
ElysaMNFF: Hmm
ElysaMNFF: A week
ElysaMNFF: Yeah
taintedVirtuoso: Okay.
ruscarlet21: but at the same time, some might just be stupid enough to accidentally post one
NathDiLabio: maybe a warning then a temp ban
ruscarlet21: and then they'll legit really regret it
taintedVirtuoso: ...their own fault, lol.
ruscarlet21: I'd say 24 hours just so they get the point.
ruscarlet21: You're evil. haha
saulito92: Yeah if they slip, the worst that could happen is that they learn a lesson
saulito92: to not spoil things >
taintedVirtuoso: Well, with all our spoiler warnings up, really...
samdp05: haha yeah, I agree, their own fault.
almostlostitinMT: Agreed. I don't feel bad if people miss the memo
ruscarlet21: Alright, then this better be one bigass memo.
taintedVirtuoso: It will be.
ElysaMNFF: Well...
ElysaMNFF: We can post a news announcement on the main site
saulito92: Can you adminds send out an email to all of the memebrs? You could just announce our spoiler policy
ElysaMNFF: AND make an announcement on the forums
saulito92: or directthem to said announcement
taintedVirtuoso: Plus the banner
taintedVirtuoso: Or header, whichever.
samdp05: Yeah, as long as we make it impossible to miss, they should know to be careful
ElysaMNFF: *nods*
ElysaMNFF: So are we decided, then? On a plan of action?
ElysaMNFF: Any questions?
almostlostitinMT: It works for me
NathDiLabio: sounds good
taintedVirtuoso: All good.
saulito92: Yeah good
samdp05: Agreed
ElysaMNFF: Sweet
asimz89: same
samdp05: (laughing cause I just got Matt's screen name)
taintedVirtuoso: lol!
saulito92: lol xD
ruscarlet21: Haha it took me a few minutes
ruscarlet21: lol
NathDiLabio: haha
ElysaMNFF: lol
ElysaMNFF: Okay, last item!
taintedVirtuoso: Yay
ruscarlet21: aww, I like our little chats
ElysaMNFF: (INTERUPTION: 590 forum members guys, 10 away from 600!)
ElysaMNFF: <.<
ruscarlet21: swa-eet.
saulito92: WOW
NathDiLabio: YAY!!!
samdp05: awesome
almostlostitinMT: Gnarly
saulito92: How long has it been open?
ruscarlet21: we were definitely at 440 pre-Imprint
taintedVirtuoso: ...Two weeks?
taintedVirtuoso: I think
taintedVirtuoso: Or three.
NathDiLabio: for sure we got like almost two hundred in like two days haha
ElysaMNFF: ANYWAY, item #5: Encyclopedia
saulito92: For a new forum, that is AMAZING! O.O;;
taintedVirtuoso: Ahh
ElysaMNFF: And this will be news to Andrew and Matt, I think, because I'd been keeping it a secret from them
NathDiLabio: *cheers*
ElysaMNFF: I was going to surprise them with it
taintedVirtuoso: Oh, fabulous. xD
asimz89: ohhhh
ruscarlet21: oh snap. haha
ruscarlet21: they could have just read the forum..haha
ElysaMNFF: But they went and showed up the the staff meeting and ruined it all
asimz89: d'aw
asimz89: we can leave if you want
asimz89: matt's not even at his computer right now :P
almostlostitinMT: It's too late now
ElysaMNFF: Yeah, it's okay
asimz89: he's setting up a fan
taintedVirtuoso: It's a good surprise.
ElysaMNFF: It's in the staff forums anyway
saulito92: It's still a secret for him, then >
ElysaMNFF: http://twilightsource.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=335
saulito92: *from him
ElysaMNFF: We're making a character Encyclopedia
ElysaMNFF: With ALL the info on every Twilight character
ElysaMNFF: I thought... it would be quality site content
ruscarlet21: and then we're going to publish it with RDR Books.
saulito92: lol xD
asimz89: lololol
saulito92: That'd be interesting
ruscarlet21: You think that'll go over well?
ruscarlet21: Because I think so.
asimz89: wow that's awesome elysa!!!!
ElysaMNFF: !
ElysaMNFF: These fine people are helping me out, but in that thread I've posted the format for the character profiles...
saulito92: I'm excited for it to start, actually
ElysaMNFF: So, I forgot to mention guys
ElysaMNFF: Laura's helping with this too
ElysaMNFF: Which brings us to 10 people
ruscarlet21: awesome
taintedVirtuoso: Great!
almostlostitinMT: that's a mini-army
saulito92: cool
ElysaMNFF: And I counted the characters listed so far
ElysaMNFF: We have 42
taintedVirtuoso: Cool.
ElysaMNFF: Assuming we've missed some on that list, let's just round that off to 50 characters
ruscarlet21: yup, not to mention Waylon Forge, haha
ruscarlet21: lets not forget him.
NathDiLabio: the key character of the series of course haha
ElysaMNFF: Meaning we all get approximately 5 characters
ElysaMNFF: And I'll be sure to give everyone one BIG one, like Bella or Alice, and the rest small, so no single person is doing all the major characters
ruscarlet21: alright, and whoever takes Bella Edward or Jacob gets one less?
saulito92: As long as I don't get Lauren Mallory. I always picture her as being Laura Mallory (no joke) =P
ruscarlet21: me too.
taintedVirtuoso: Either that, or two people can share EB&J.
taintedVirtuoso: Individually, I mean.
saulito92: lol there's a myspace for Lauren Mallory xD
ElysaMNFF: Hmm
ruscarlet21: I'd like Emmet and Charlie, I know they're not big, but they're my 2 favorite. ^^ (if possible)
ElysaMNFF: Emmett's one of my favs too
ElysaMNFF: Anyway...
ruscarlet21: lol alrighttt then.
ElysaMNFF: Assuming we all get 5 characters
saulito92: I don't really care much who I get.
ElysaMNFF: And assuming one will be major and the others relatively minor (meaning less info on them, meaning less work)
ElysaMNFF: About how long do you think we should give ourselves to do this?
almostlostitinMT: I'd say two weeks, tops
saulito92: That depends on how soon you want to get this out
NathDiLabio: two week cause it's summer
saulito92: I'mgoing to NYC this week too.... Busy busy Maybe three weeks? >.<;;
ruscarlet21: I'd say we should have it launched, if possible before Breaking Dawn
ElysaMNFF: *nods* I was sort of hoping to get it out before the release of BD
ruscarlet21: because book releases are going to bring more people in, the better the site looks the better it'll do.
ElysaMNFF: Right
ElysaMNFF: So how about...
saulito92: Actually, I could write it up on my PDA on the plane ')
NathDiLabio: question : will the enclycopedia be on the forum or on the main site ?
ElysaMNFF: Main site
NathDiLabio: cool cool
samdp05: I agree with 2 weeks
ruscarlet21: I'd say 2 weeks for everyone to post them, a week or so to edit?
ElysaMNFF: Okay...
taintedVirtuoso: Agreed
almostlostitinMT: Yes. Two weeks seems like plenty of time for me
ruscarlet21: then it gives some leeway as well
ElysaMNFF: I'm going to be AWOL next week though
ElysaMNFF: Portus.
saulito92: LUCKY!!
NathDiLabio: me to i have a final
taintedVirtuoso: ...it's next week already?
taintedVirtuoso: Wow.
ruscarlet21: Everyone's going to Portus.
saulito92: except saul
samdp05: Jealous.
ruscarlet21: The entire NJ HP crew is going I feel like.
ElysaMNFF: Well, July 9-13
taintedVirtuoso: Ah, right.
ElysaMNFF: What about... we have these finished by July 20
ElysaMNFF: And that gives us 10 days to edit and put them up
ruscarlet21: sounds good
almostlostitinMT: Can do
ElysaMNFF: To have them finished by the end of the month, anyway
saulito92: That is better
taintedVirtuoso: Cool.
NathDiLabio: ya for sure
saulito92: but will our editors have all the time to do it all in ten days? O.o;;
ruscarlet21: we can do some peer editing of sorts
taintedVirtuoso: Oh yeah, I think so.
NathDiLabio: did you says you will have a outline for us to follow Eliza
ruscarlet21: Plus Elysa and Lei shouldn't have to do too much editing.
ElysaMNFF: Do as much editing on your own as you please, for sure...
ruscarlet21: Theoretically it should be good on our own..
saulito92: I think I'm pretty good at that
givrhellpeeves: for sho
ruscarlet21: yupp.
ElysaMNFF: And me, Lei, and Laura will do the final edits
saulito92: My editor may think otherwise ^^;
ElysaMNFF: Some profiles won't require much if any editing anyway
saulito92: that sounds good with me.
ruscarlet21: like Ben
ruscarlet21: He'll only have the fact that he's dating Angela Weber
ruscarlet21: and that he pretended to have tendonitis
ruscarlet21: and that's kind of it.
samdp05: and likes martial arts movies
ElysaMNFF: *nods*
ElysaMNFF: Right
ElysaMNFF: Cool guys! I think that wraps up this meeting!
taintedVirtuoso: Whoo!
ruscarlet21: aw. sad.
ruscarlet21: lol
saulito92: Eh. One last question
ruscarlet21: ..
saulito92: How long until we know which characters we do?
ElysaMNFF: Oooo, good one.
ElysaMNFF: Hmm
saulito92: Sooner the better =P
ElysaMNFF: I'll need at least one day to divide them up properly. How about... by Wednesday? July 2?
NathDiLabio: do we need to put page number and citation
ruscarlet21: I would, HP Lexicon works that way
taintedVirtuoso: Yeah.
saulito92: Wed = good
ElysaMNFF: As much as possible
taintedVirtuoso: (TW 254) - something like that
NathDiLabio: ok cool cool
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